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Milk Tea in the Philippines: From a Novelty to a Classic Staple

The ongoing journey of milk tea in the Philippines: 1. Pre-Arrival 2. Landing at the Pearl of the Orient Seas 3. Journey to Being a Classic Many Filipinos, if not all, have an affinity for milk tea. It doesn’t matter which form, too—be it powdered milk tea, healthier versions such as those with oat milk […]

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Halloween-Themed Juice Recipes

Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to get those spooky-themed powdered juice mixes ready. We’ve created a list of easy-to-prepare recipes for you. Spirit of Halloween Mr. Spidey’s Sweet Choco Witches Brew Magic in a Cup Spirit of Halloween   Yields 4 servings Planning to throw a party on the last day of […]

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Powdered Juice and Booze: Liquor Mixes

Thirsty? Jungle Juice Pineapple Rum Long Island Iced Tea Appletini Tequila Sunrise There are days when plain alcohol will not sate your cravings for booze. Sometimes plain ol’ fruit juice won’t quench your thirst. Basic sometimes just doesn’t do the trick and there’s a need for more. So why not mix things up? Perhaps, fruit […]

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Sink Your Teeth on These Homemade Milk Tea Sinker Recipes

Level up your sinker game with these homemade recipes! 1. Fruits 2. Egg Pudding 3. Coffee Jelly 4. Rock Salt and Cream Cheese If you’re an avid reader of Chemag’s blogs, you’ve most probably figured out by now that milk tea is a well-loved drink. There are many reasons behind its popularity. Many would concur […]

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Milk Tea: Why It’s a Powerful Social Media Tool

What makes milk tea such an effective social media tool? Accessibility Affordability Adaptability Audience Authenticity Are you starting to see more and more milk tea products, like powdered milk tea, invading your Instagram? Are your favorite influencers’ feeds sporting numerous pictures of the well-loved drink? Do you, too, think that milk tea is no longer […]

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These 6 Treats Will Blow Your Mind With How Well They Pair with Milktea

Looking for something to munch with your milktea? Spicy Dumplings Grilled Cheese Sandwich Mochi Crème Brûlée Tapioca Pudding Caramel Popcorn Milktea has come a long way since its rise in the Philippines from way back 2008. For one, it has gone from form to form through the years—from buying it directly in teahouses to being […]

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Classic Filipino Soup Recipes That Will Definitely Warm You Up

Are you craving for hot and hearty food? Tinolang Manok Sinigang Arroz Caldo In the Philippines, there’s only ever two seasons—the wet and dry monsoon. As everybody approaches the prior, the food on stock and on the table also start to transition. Maybe now there’s less of the ice cream and ice pops in the […]

2022 June 4 Read More

Chocolate Drink Recipes to Welcome the Philippine’s Rainy Season

What are some of the best chocolate drink recipes for the rainy seasons? Classic Hot Choco Latte Chocolate Tea Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate How is time flying by so fast? It seemed like it was only yesterday that PAGASA announced the arrival of the summer season. Welcomed quite early this year, the wet season is […]

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Transforming Your Milk Tea Into Guilt-Free Goodness

Today’s milk tea specials are… Less Sugar Please Low Fat For Me I’ll Skip the Extra Calories, Thanks Milk tea is delicious—obviously. Milk tea is deliciously evil—can be. Frankly, it depends. For it to be pegged as “healthy” rather than “sinful,” alterations must be made. Mind you, the changes do not exempt any variation of […]

2022 May 13 Read More