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Leading supplier of specialty ingredients and powdered juices in the Philippine Food and Beverage Industry. We source, develop and custom manufacture technology-based ingredients to help bring your creative ideas to fruition.

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Chemag Trading Corporation

Our core business is providing complete supply chain solutions to the various Philippine Manufacturing Industries and Consumer Segments. We service an extremely diversified group of customers locally and suppliers globally.

We know that quality, variety and reliability in the supply chain are vital to your operations. We hope our products and services assist you on your path to achieving your production goals.

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Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Industry

Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Industry

January 19 & 20, 2021

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila


Snacks and Classic Milk Tea Pairings Made in Heaven

What snacks are best paired with the OG milk tea? French Fries Spiced Tofu Vanilla Cookies Egg Waffles Takoyaki Chicken Poppers French Fries   While in reality, opposites should naturally not attract, the contrast between french fries and classic Chemag milk tea simply can’t be denied. The saltiness pairs finely with the sweetness of classic […]

2021 April 2 Read More

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Taro Root

With the increasing popularity of various milk tea flavors, taro has caught on to be a favorite of many. Chemag Taro Milk Tea has captured the taste and preference of many of its consumers. To understand why this ingredient has grown in popularity, let us take a look at its health benefits. Taro root, also […]

2021 March 27 Read More

The Balancing Act That Taro Milk Tea Plays

What makes Taro Milk Tea so balanced? Rich in Anti-Oxidants like Quercetin Rich in Fiber A Good Diet Buddy Good for the Sweet Tooth No to Gut-Wrenching Moments No More Heartache Rich in Other Nutrients Taro is a versatile root vegetable that is known by many different names – dasheen for its species, arbi in […]

2021 March 22 Read More