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# 5 Snacks to Complement Matcha Milk Tea

5 Snacks to Complement Matcha Milk Tea

February 4 2021

Which snacks complement Chemag matcha milk tea?

  • Belgian Waffle
  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Avocado Toast
  • Wagashi

Matcha milk tea, also known as green tea with bubbles or iced matcha latte is a very popular dark green hue with aromatic and earthy flavors. It has a subtly sweet taste and is mostly consumed by people who like low-sugar drinks or have weight-losing intentions.

Chemag matcha milk tea is the highest quality green powder available. It has a vibrant green color and a very fine texture with a sweet taste.

Benefits of matcha milk tea:

  • It boosts brain functions.
  • It helps in preventing cancer.
  • It helps in improving concentration.
  • It promotes heart health and weight loss.

Here’s are a few snacks that you can combine with your Chemag matcha milk tea:

Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle

Looking for something to satisfy your sugar cravings? Choose none-other than Belgian Waffle!

Belgian Waffle is a mouth-watering and healthy snack that is great for munching anytime. It has a variety of flavors and is best when enjoyed fresh and warm. The variety of waffles flavors includes red velvet, charcoal, matcha, etc. Also, it is super easy to prepare and can be consumed plain or with stuffing, garnished with toppings like chocolate chips, honey syrup, etc.

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Bowl

Time to reach beyond the cereal box!

You can get a little bit more creative and pour something more in your breakfast bowl other than oatmeal and cereals.

A breakfast bowl is all about your choices, so there’s no exact recipe. You can combine various veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. according to your diet plan. Pairing a breakfast bowl with Chemag matcha milk tea can be perfect and create more nutritional value.

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is like a blank canvas for seasonal toppings!

It is one of the most healthy and satisfying snacks that are very easy to prepare. This super delicious snack is packed with nutrition and made with bread and ripe avocados. To give a kick, you can use multiple toppings. For example, you can add tahini sauce or do lime dressing.

Pair it with Chemag matcha milk tea and enjoy your breakfast.



Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wagashi is traditionally known to complement tea!

It is a small, sweet, jelly-like, refined structure that includes rice dough, bean paste, sugar, etc. it is crafted freely by hands and is easy to prepare. There are different types of wagashi that are prepared according to different seasons and occasions.

You can enjoy the sweetness of wagashi while feeling the exact taste of Chemag matcha milk tea.

Key Takeaway

These are a few snacks to pair with Chemag matcha milk tea to make it tastier while preserving its nutritional value. If it is a small get together or your cheat day, you can combine go for the waffles. If you are looking to eat something healthy, then go for a breakfast bowl.

So, what are you waiting for? Pair your Chemag matcha milk tea with your favorite snack and enjoy!

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