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Best Juice and Snack Pairings

Best Snack and Juice Food Pairing

December 2 2020

What are some of the best snack and juice food pairing?

  1. Orange Juice and Sandwiches
  2. Pineapple Juice and Kakanin
  3. Cucumber Lemonade and Pastries
  4. Red Tea and Pasta
  5. Calamansi Juice and Turon or Banana Que
  6. Four Seasons and Pinoy Chips

We certainly could all agree that Filipinos are food and juice lovers. Be it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Filipinos always have the appetite for it. There are over more than a hundred various ethnic groups in the Philippines with a very unique cuisine that anyone can truly enjoy. Apart from the local food influence, there also have been international influences brought about by the colonizations in the country. When the Chinese came to the Philippines, they introduced noodles such as pancit, which is a noodle-based food and lumpia which are vegetables rolled in edible wrappers. When the Spanish came, they introduced diverse food like Paella which is a combination of different spices and ingredients such as pork, chicken, sausages, sea food and a lot more. In addition other global influences like Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Japanese, and Thai became part of Filipino food.

In the Philippines, it became a habit for Filipinos to eat snacks in the midmorning either before working or running errands just to jump start their day and fuel their energy and also includes merienda in the afternoon. In Europe and Latin America, merienda means a light afternoon snack. The term was passed on to the Filipino people during the colonization of the country by Spain. Now the term has been adapted and is now a generic term for snacks or meals outside of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Locals love to enjoy merienda or snacks at various times of the day. Merienda in the Philippines can mean sweet or savory depending on what one’s craving is. Street food being one of the go-to merienda food is well-loved among the Filipinos. There are also a wide variety of snacks for those adventurous and not so adventurous  eaters. 

To fully enjoy one’s snacking experience let us explore what snack best pairs with different juice flavors:

Orange Juice and Sandwiches

Orange Juice and Sandwiches

Citrus flavors have a wide breadth of acidity level. It often pairs well with simple dishes as a result. Orange juice will pair with eggs, or poultry with simple ingredients. These complementary flavors will bring out the best in both the juice and the dish. Orange juice is best paired with sandwiches like an Egg Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich or a BLT to balance out the citrus taste of orange and the savory taste of the sandwich.

Pineapple Juice and Kakanin

Considering Pineapple has a unique, sweet, and refreshing taste and is a tropical fruit. They have a complexity that pairs well with other simple sweet dishes. Pineapple juice is best paired with your choice of Filipino sweet “kakanin” such as Suman, Bibingka, Biko, and the like.

Cucumber Lemonade and Pastries

Cucumber Lemonade and Pastries

Cucumber is the perfect complement to the traditional summer lemonade. With Cucumber Lemonade, you can pair it with any of these pastries: Ensaymada, Buko Pie, Pan De Coco, or Empanada. These pastries offer the sweet taste that can complement the citrus zest that the lemonade brings.

Red Tea and Pasta

Chicken and pasta are neutral food that pairs well with most teas. There is a wide array of pasta sauces to choose from. With that thought in mind, Red Tea can be best paired with your pasta of choice. 

Calamansi Juice and Turon or Banana Que

Calamansi Juice and Turon or Banana Que

Calamansi’s citrus flavor will complement well with dishes that are sweet or salty. Calamansi juice can be best paired with a famous Filipino deep fried snack, Turon and Banana Que. These complementary flavors will bring out the best in both the juice and the dish. 

Four Seasons and Pinoy Chips

Four Seasons contain tropical fruits such as pineapple, and mango which are known for its sweet tastes. Aside from pairing tropical fruit-based drinks with sweet snacks it can also be paired with salty tasting snacks. Therefore, Four Seasons can be best paired with your favorite Filipino chips. Pick and munch away!

Key Takeaway

Who would have thought that the flavors of juices can go with different types of snack? Take this knowledge and let this be a guide for your next merienda session. Happy eating!

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