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Pool Party Food and Drinks That Will Get You Cool for the Summer

Pool Party Food and Drinks That Will Get You Cool for the Summer

March 5 2021

What food and drinks should be present at your next pool party?

  1. Fruits and Fruity Drinks
  2. Yoghurt
  3. Finger Food
  4. Grilled Food
  5. Chilled Food

With the cold weather still looming, pool parties may not have crossed the mind yet. However, with the entrance of March, the summer heat is definitely fast approaching.

Why not beat the heat early with quick refreshing bites and powdered juices in the Philippines by Chemag Trading Corporation? Also give a try to what it is especially hot in the market right now – the Chemag Black Gulaman flavor!

Fruits and Fruity Drinks

Fruits and Fruity Drinks

Fruits are consistent in every pool party for a number of reasons. One being that fruits are just naturally refreshing. Under the intense heat of the sun, fruit-based drinks are a real thirst quencher.

Secondly, they are good providers of energy. Chemag offers Philippines-made powdered juices that you can include in your party, from various types of lemonade and pineapple. Both fruit flavors are packed with Vitamin C, which helps to curtail oxidative stress. More importantly, they also combat fatigue that one may easily experience while swimming.



Yoghurt is a treat that is best paired with fruits. Just like how fruits give off energy to the consumer, yoghurt also has inherent qualities that exudes the same function. Specifically, it is the high amounts of protein, fats and simple carbohydrates that make it an energy-packed snack.

Take some plain yoghurt and mix it with some fresh cut fruits like strawberries, apples and mangoes to triple the vitamins, energy and deliciousness! Consume it by eating or drinking – it’s really your call.

Finger Food

Finger Food

On-the-go food that can be eaten with just your fingers are a staple for every snack corner in pool parties. Its popularity stems from simply being convenient to eat. Whether you’re by the pool or lounging on a floaty, food that won’t need utensils and aren’t flimsy are of first choice.

Get some potato chips and nachos with dips for a good satisfying crunch. A nice addition would also be tea sandwiches with tuna or jam for the spread for those extra carbohydrates and protein for more energy.

Grilled Food

grilled food

Chlorine in the mouth from swimming can give off this weird taste. Is it metallic? A bleach-y taste? Yeah, it’s hard to find the perfect words to describe it.

Grilled food helps to combat that peculiar taste and replace it with charred melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Popular roast staples we see here in the Philippines are barbecue, “betamax” (chicken/pork blood) or “isaw” (chicken/pork intestines).

They are also a. good choice for pool parties because of the convenient way they’re eaten – in sticks.

These type of food are also best paired with ice cold sweet drinks like Chemag’s Black Gulaman.

Chilled Food

chilled food

What’s a summer pool party without ice cream? Popsicles and ice cream sandwiches are the best in combating the hot weather.

The beauty of these types of food is that they are blank canvases that can be made of pretty much anything. Popsicles can be made yoghurt, fruits or even sprite with gummy bears! Ice cream sandwiches can be structured with brownies, wafers or crackers for the base and any type of ice cream inside. Whatever the form, it will for sure be delectable.

Time to Start the Party!

During this time where traveling to far-flung places like beaches for the summer is not optimal, pool parties are on top of mind. The perfect partner to assure your party is a sure-ball success is Chemag’s powdered juice drinks that are made in the Philippines. Buy them here and start planning the best party yet!

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