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Curious to Know How Juice was Invented?

December 31 2021

So, it’s safe to assume that you‘re here because you’ve been pondering how juice came into reality. Truthfully, a quick search on the internet will not offer you a straightforward answer. You’ll be greeted with mixed histories that will leave you blurring the lines and eventually, discombobulated. No need to fret though! Chemag Trading Corporation has gone ahead and done the deed of researching for you.

An ancient group of grape pits that are estimated to come from 8000 BCE was proof that juice has been in the world for a very long time.

Proof was also found via set of religious manuscripts that were discovered at the Qumran Caves. Discovered at a venue positioned at the northern shore of the Dead Sea, they were called The Dead Sea Scrolls. The scrolls were dated way back 150 BC to 70 AD. Focusing on our case though, the writings described a “pounded mash of pomegranate and fig.” This was assumed by researchers as the humble beginnings of what we now fondly enjoy commercially: juice.

AD sounds pretty ancient, but the reign of juice in the field of beverages did not stop there. Fast forward to the 1920’s, Max Gerson, a doctor from Germany, developed a diet composed of raw juices and vegetarian food.

Despite the aforementioned information, (that have all been verified as credible sources FYI) many wrongly attribute juice’s invention to British businessman, Norman W. Walker. And just to put it out there, the beverage did not originate from the work of his hands. What is more appropriate to credit to this man is taking the juice game to a whole other altitude. He’s also behind the creation of one of the best mechanical juicers available in the market today. His designs were developed in what we see now in stores as the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer. More on the process of his invention later!

Back to Chemag’s history class, Walker was a renaissance man. He was at the helm of the Brooklyn Institute of Ortho-Dietetics and was a professor. He also authored a series of health books. A big chunk of his life though, was spent on selling juice; most probably from his juice bar business. One thing is for sure, he loved juice to the point that he credited his long life of 99 years to his healthy diet of raw food in liquid forms or simply put, juice.

His love for juice was bolstered during his time in France. He was going through convalescence after a breakdown. While there, he caught glimpse of one of his hosts peeling carrots. Walker took notice of how the insides of the peels were wet. With his recuperation now disturbed by his need to sate his curiosity, he reached for a feed grinder, ran a bunch of carrots through it, and voila! He made his own carrot juice. Can you imagine making your own glass of juice with a feed grinder? Good thing, now there’s commercially made juice like Chemag Pineapple Juice!

Back in his home in the US, well and ready to conquer the world with his new discoveries: Walker sought out better methods to make the juice he was selling. He found that the manual juicers during his era were not up to his standards. He needed something that could fully accomplish trituration—which is the process of grinding raw food. Those he sought out were not capable of extracting the benefits that were tucked inside raw fruits and vegetables. Walker shared this in one of his books, “No practical hand juicer has been found by us that can possibly extract all of the vital elements from the vegetables, as they only partly crush the fibers but do not triturate them [grind them finely], and trituration if the fundamental [sic] principle, discovered by the Norwalk Laboratory of Nutritional Chemistry and Scientific Research, in the liberation and reclamation of these vital elements.

With none in the market sufficing his research’s needs, Walker simply created his own mechanical juicer. It’s important to note though that it was not capable of juicing per se—the juice still had to be pressed by hand. His invention’s role was to fulfill trituration.

Now You Know

Did your lexicon regarding juice get an upgrade? If so, Chemag Trading Corporation is glad to have finally given you concrete answers to your query. Maybe now drinking juice will be more than just consuming, but also be accompanied with greater meaning due to your brand new knowledge from this piece. Drink up your glass of Chemag Pineapple Juice or maybe even create your own juice like Walker!

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