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Weighing the Differences: Pure Fruit Juice vs. Fruit Powdered Juice

May 6 2022

Where to spot the difference?

  1. Process
  2. Nutritional Content
  3. Body Absorption
  4. Calories
  5. Preparation

When it comes to consuming fruit, what form do you prefer the most? Do you lean towards going the extra mile to get your fruits juiced? Or do you prefer it hassle-free and quick a.k.a. powdered fruit juice like Chemag Lemonade? Perhaps you’re the type that would rather not have it as a beverage and instead munch on the fruit itself.

Don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong. However, it is imperative to note the stark differences—especially those between pure fruit juice and the variant that many have an affinity for in the Philippines, powdered fruit juice.



Among all the methods to consume fruit, eating it raw is the supreme and healthiest way. This is because nothing is being stripped away. Which brings us to the number one difference that separates pure fruit juice from powdered juice like Chemag Pineapple. It all lies in what’s being reduced or taken out.

Powdered juice comes from freeze-dried fruits that have had all of its water molecules eliminated. Once it is purely dehydrated, it is crushed to powder and voila! You’ve got powdered fruit ready for mixing.

How about pure fruit juice? Instead of focusing on the 60-70% water found in the fruits, the physical counterparts are what’s removed.

Nutritional Content

Nutritional Content

Now you know how each is made. The question now is, is there still nutritional content left after all those processes?

Powdered fruit juice, because it is more commercialized and processed, gives off the natural tendency that it’s been stripped off of all its organic goodness. Here’s some mind blowing truth to devour though: powdered juice still contains approximately 95% of the nutritional content of raw fruit. Yup, still pretty healthy, don’t you think?

In contrast, pure juice fruit carries a higher and more concentrated amount of nutrients. The water is capable of absorbing almost the same amount of minerals and vitamins originally present.

Don’t spot much of a big gap in terms of nutritional content, right? So, you can bet that Chemag Lemonade, Chemag Pineapple or any powdered juice available in the Philippines is still jam-packed with its natural vitamins!

Body Absorption

Body Absorption

Again, eating it fresh and raw is best. You get all the nutrients locked in, including fiber which is vital for a smooth functioning digestive system.

With the fiber taken out, the way the body takes in the nutrients is inevitably affected. This is unfortunately the case when it comes to powdered fruit juice. Because fiber is usually not present in this type of juice, the body has a hard time absorbing all of the minerals and vitamins.

On the other hand, pure fruit juice contains more fiber albeit minimal. Hence, the body will also have difficulty taking in the nutrients. However, it proves to be an easier task for the body as compared to powdered supplements.



Because powdered juice is more commercialized and marketed to consumers who love saccharine flavors, it usually utilizes a great deal of sugar and sometimes, artificial flavors. These naturally lead to more calories. That’s why despite the fact that it still contains much of the nutritional content of a raw fruit, the unnatural components added tend to overcome the health benefits. And when that happens, harmful effects in the body can be triggered in the long-term, such as obesity and diabetes.

To prevent such from happening, the solution cannot be found in not consuming powdered fruit juice. Instead, do it in moderation. On top of that, always check the labels before purchasing. Choose powdered juices available in the Philippines that do not depend too much on sugar and artificial flavors. With Chemag Lemonade and Chemag Pineapple, you can be reassured that there are less of the bad stuff so that there’s more of the good for you to enjoy!

Pure juice fruits are coined that way for a reason. That’s because they’re basically just raw fruit in another form—without the processing and added ingredients. So it only follows that like actual fruits, it offers lesser calories as compared to powdered supplements.



Probably one of the reasons why powdered fruit juices were invented and why they are so popular in the Philippines is because of the proliferation of the hustle n’ bustle culture. In this digital age, everything has to be done in a snap. Hectic schedules demand it and even food have bent and adjusted.

It is obvious that between the two, powdered juice takes the cake when it comes to convenience. Simply take it with water or add it to your meals, like oatmeal, and you’re good to go.

What’s Your Poison?

Take your pick—raw, juiced or powdered? Whatever your choice is, even if you decided to go for all three, always make sure to consume in moderation. Happy drinking—the healthy way! wink

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